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Posted : admin On 5/22/2019
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There's one episode in particular that we love more than all the rest.
By IGN Staff

SpongeBob SquarePants is a series that has touched the hearts of countless people over the years.

With the news that series creator Stephen Hillenburg has passed away, IGN staff decided to honor his legacy and pick out the episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants that have stayed with us since the series' premiere.

Below, you'll find IGN's six favorite episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants. While it's clear that most of our staff didn't keep watching through the most recent SpongeBob seasons, there is one episode in particular that sticks out as the best of the best. Let us know if you agree!

'Wet Painters'

Aired: May 10, 2002

Season 3, Episode 10a

When playing an intense game of Jenga, it's always important to get in everyone's face and yell 'Careful, SpongeBob' over and over again until someone who isn't you breaks. I have only Patrick Star to thank for that. - Chris Shriver

'Krusty Krab Training Video'

Aired: May 10, 2002

Season 3, Episode 10b

My favorite episode has to be 'Krusty Krab Training Video' from Season 3, specifically the part when the announcer introduces the Krabby Patty with what I can only describe as 'scatting'. I was a latecomer to SpongeBob, and this was the first thing I ever saw from the show. Really underscores the absurdist humor that still appeals to me. - Jobert Atienza

HOOPLA. There's not much more you need to say about this wonderfully narrated training video, which I find hard to believe Mr. Krabs would actually pay to produce. The change in perspective in this episode made me want to join Plankton in stealing the coveted Krabby Patty secret formula (that realistic Krabby Patty just looked so good), and was a fun way to learn more about the day-to-day work at the Krusty Krab. - Miranda Sanchez

'Krab Borg'

Circuit maker. Aired: March 29, 2002

Season 3, Episode 9a

My favorite episode is when SpongeBob thinks Mr. Krabs is a robot. As a kid I remember being obsessed with the techno song that Mr. Krabs loved on the radio. He called it his LITTLE BUDDY. - Jeffrey Vega

'Idiot Box'

Aired: March 1, 2002

Season 3, Episode 4b

This is my favorite episode because it teaches us the power of our individual 'eeemaggginnaatioonn(s)' and how truly focusing your mind on something can make all obstacles seem achievable. - Chappy Wingo

'Gary Takes a Bath'

Aired: March 9, 2001

Season 2, Episode 13b

Gary the snail was always my favorite character and mostly because of this episode. SpongeBob makes many unsuccessful attempts to get his sassy little pal to take a bath. The one-sided conversations he has with Gary give you a better glimpse at their relationship, and any animal parent can relate to wrangling and deceiving misbehaving pets when they do not want to do something. - Amanda Flagg

'Band Geeks'

Aired: Sept. 7, 2001

Season 2, Episode 15b

SpongeBob SquarePants was a mainstay growing up and while I still shout, 'He was number one!' at people on a regular basis, my all-time favorite episode will always be the Bubble Bowl. It’s when Squillium, Squidward’s archnemisis (and total prick) is playing at the Bubble Bowl and Squidward says his band is also playing there. Problem is, he doesn’t actually have a band so he puts together a literal band of misfits and the rest is history. The episode is still recorded on my parents' DVR. Thank you, Stephen Hillenburg! - Sydnee Goodman

My favorite episode was “Band Geeks” because of the stellar Bubble Bowl performance and the build-up — plus it had incredible lines like, “Is mayonnaise an instrument?” by Patrick Star. Squidward having to get a band together for the performance and witnessing the unusual creatures from Bikini Bottom learn how to become performers is both hilarious and jaw-dropping, especially once they get to the Bubble Bowl. Every time I’ve gone back to watch this episode I find myself in stitches laughing and enjoying it as much as the first time I watched it when I was younger. - Jack Waters

From the introduction of Squilliam Fancyson, and “is mayonnaise an instrument?,” to the spectacular performance of Sweet Victory at the Bubble Bowl, 'Band Geeks' remains one of my most cherished and quoted episodes of the series. As a tiny 9-year old in 2001, this episode taught me so much about teamwork, optimism, bravery, and the satisfaction of sweet, sweet victory. - Armando Torres

It's the quintessential SpongeBob episode because it's the best combo of sincere and goofy SpongeBob. Of course, there was a lot of great 'band humor,' but the reason this sticks out from the rest is because it's an underdog story where you really root for Squidward and see him triumph with one of the best songs ever playing in the background. - Barrett Courtney

What is your favorite episode of SpongeBob SquarePants? Share your favorite memories from the show in the comments below!