Alien Shooter 3 Download Pc

Posted : admin On 6/6/2019
Alien Shooter 3 Download Pc Rating: 3,3/5 9011 reviews
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Legendary PC Alien Shooter is now available on your Android device!
Deserted military complex. Hordes of merciless creatures. Here you are. Your mission is simple – clear the base so there are just dead monsters' corpses left around.
- burst through 10 missions and find out the reason of alien invasion!
- Enjoy user friendly control schemes with auto-aim option available!
- stand up to the huge crowds of monsters appearing on one screen at a time
- level up, try out superhuman fighting abilities in an intense battle
- corpses of the monsters eliminated do not disappear - check out what happens at the end of every level!
The alien invasion has begun, we have one chance, and that is to stop them cold in their staging area. Do not allow them escape this facility, you are our last hope. The fate of humanity now depends on you! Mow them down and stay alive!
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In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

Based on last summer's movie, this vertically-and horizontally-scrolling arcade-style action cart leaves Ripley stranded on the prison colony, Fiorina 161. The good news is that she's not alone. The bad news is that her companions consist of a dangerous bunch of prisoners and a horde of hungry Aliens.

The Company's dangerous plot is to preserve the Alien race and use it to achieve world domination. Ripley's assignment is to destroy each and every Alien to save humanity. To do this, she must rescue prisoners and destroy voracious Aliens located throughout the 15 stages of the prison colony.

Fortunately for Ripley, she packs more firepower in the game than she did in the movie. Throughout the prison colony, she can find Grenades and ammo for her Flame Thrower, Grenade Launcher, and Machine Gun. Although Ripley can swap weapons any time she wants, the buttons you need to hit to swap them require precise timing. You'll find that you jump or swap weapons when you're not trying to, and that you can't swap quickly enough when you need to.

Do It for Newt

Ripley's got to complete each stage by rescuing all of the prisoners on the level. Her effort ends when she either runs out of time or gets nailed once too often by an Alien scavenger. With just three tries and no continues, the odds are with the Aliens and advanced gamers.

Get Alienated

Veteran Alien hunters shouldn't expect Alien 3 for the Game Gear to pack the same pulse-pounding action as the Genesis version. The Game Gear obviously doesn't pack enough power to match up with the 16-bit special effects. However, challenging game play and lengthy stages give the game more punch than average Game Gear fare.


  • Search for hidden Life boxes. Once you know where they are, return to grab them when you need them.
  • Don't stand too close to an exploding Alien-you'll take fallout damage.
  • Shoot diagonally downward and upward to destroy Alien Pods and Aliens hanging from the ceiling.
  • The best weapons for Alien hunting are the Flame Thrower and the Grenade Launcher.
  • Watch for little green clumps in floors and ceilings. They indicate that Aliens are lurking in walls just waiting for you to walk by. If a Face Hugger tries to suck your face, rapidly hit Left and Right on your directional pad to shake 'em off.
Overall rating: 7.5