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Posted : admin On 6/4/2019
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The current episode witnessed that Nisha’s parents continue cursing Ishita and Raman in the police station. Ishita tries to tell them that she has never met Nisha. But Nisha’s father keeps on blaming her and says that she is lying. They even accuse her saying that she met Nisha two days before her death. Nisha’s father shows Ishita’s clinic entry register as the evidence. And tell everyone that in the register it shows that Nisha has come to meet Ishita at her clinic.

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Abhishek is surrounded by media asking him about the details of the suicide. Soon, ACP Abhishek asks Ishita to go in the waiting room and tells Raman to be calm. On the other hand, Raman is losing his temper as Romi and Adi have not come yet with the bail papers to rescue Ishita. Binary octet stream. He keeps on calling them to know where they are exactly. Meanwhile, Adi and Romi are in the court with Vidyut’s lawyer and are trying to get the bail papers for Ishita. Meanwhile, while searching foer the proof at Nisha’s house, they find photos and diaries dedicated to Vidyut. The police also finds a suicide note which claims that Vidyut and she loved each other but Ishita Bhalla came in between them.

Abhishek enters and tells that Vidyut is not responsible for Nisha’s suicide. Abhishek then reveals that he has come here to arrest Ishita Bhalla as the suicide note has her name. Soon, Abhishek tells Raman that a new angle has appeared in the case. He tells him that this might make Ishita’s case weak. He says that Shagun is giving a statement against Ishita and within no time she enters and gives her statement. She says that she has seen Vidyut and Ishita together as a couple at Adelaide. She further even tells the cops that she has overheard Vidyut and Ishita’s discussion over Nisha. New honey singh song 2018.

Listening to her Raman and Vidyut try to oppose her but she further even accuses saying that Vidyut is a casanova. She says that he makes romantic gestures at every girl and even tries to make them woo with his style. On the other hand, Vidyut is not able to deny Shagun’s statement as he tries to trap her so that she could give away Pihu’s custody to Raman and Ishita. It seems as if Shagun is quite happy as Ishita is in jail.

Raman feels quite helpless as he is unable to do anything. Get the latest scoop on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein in this space. Click here to watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein online. Stay tuned for more updates.

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