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Posted : admin On 5/9/2019
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Forza Horizon 3 Will take A while to be cracked

Annouced last month, , Microsoft is encrypting their Windows Store 10 Apps. Not all, but new games are. Including Forza Horizon 3.

'when the user installs an app from the Windows Store, it will get encrypted on-the-fly using the Encrypting File System feature of Windows.'

I tried to download it with Encrypting File System turned off. But the 'Error see details' message prompts. Game cannot be downloaded. I turned EFS back ON, after restart, the game downloaded fine. Grandia sega saturn. Guess we're screwed for now.

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Review title of IllusiveElk2551st two packs gone

when the first two packs first came out, I had full access to all cars in both packs. for some reason I can no longer access any of the cars from either of the packs. i have even modifyed some vehicles with designs and tunes and still been brought to an in app purchase screen showing me two options; buy car pack, and buy car pass. when i select the 'buy car pass' option, (i already own the car pass by the way) it brings me to a screen saying that i own this product and that I need to install it. however, i never un installed the car pass. when i view the 'manage game' menu, it clearly shows that both packs along with the game are all installed. but for some reason, it shows all other packs accept for all-star car pack, vip pack, and blizzard mountain dlc as unistalled even though they all work just fine. i have not installed or uninstalled any pack for i do not know what the consequences of that might be. i would like to speak to someone from Microsoft to address the issue.