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Posted : admin On 5/22/2019
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Here’s How To Gain Instant Access to 10 Million free mp3 downloads from over 1 Million albums, record TV shows & movies, download music videos, and gain access to dozens of free podcasts and radio shows:

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  • Have you ever wished you could use the Internet to access hundreds of your favorite music tracks, videos or games without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars?
  • Are you tired of being paid a fee for every single track you download at Amazon?
  • Do you get frustrated when some online platforms won’t let you download several tracks at once?
  • Are you worried about breaking any possible copyright laws?

With our software you get unlimited free legal music downloads from the web's fastest and totally free mp3 download site. All our music tracks are from trusted legal music resources. You can download all of them to your computer without fearing any legal issue. Our music download software is 100% legal and compliant with United States copyright laws.
You can access our entire library… over 10 Million songs, including Today’s most popular tracks, and thousands of free mp3, movie, radio, video & TV show downloads… without breaking any copyright laws…

Use Our Free Music Download Player Below & Test for Yourself the Audio Quality of These mp3 Music Tracks:

Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

Your Ultimate Online Music Download Software
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We use time shifting technology to legally download free music files with Audials to your computer. Time shifting technology is a way to stay compliant with all music copyright issues to record and download music & video tracks.

What This is NOT:

  • It’s NOT another file sharing program! Instead, our Audials MP3 download software is designed purely for extracting free legal music downloads from our store.
  • It does NOT contain any malicious programs like spyware, malware or viruses.
  • It’s NOT slow. You'll get safe, super fast & free mp3 downloads directly from the world's fastest cloud servers.

Exciting Benefits of Our Free mp3 Download Software:

  • Best audio quality, 320 kbps
  • Fast downloads directly from the Amazon cloud
  • Free tracks
  • Totally legal tracks (for personal use) by using time/format/space shifting technologies
  • No advertisement pop-ups
  • No spyware/malicious programs with the downloads
  • Record TV shows & movies from Video-on-demand services
  • Download videos straight from websites

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How Does This Music Download Software Work:

Our store contains over 10 Million free tracks from over 870,000 artists. Plus, this software can legally extract audio tracks from YouTube music videos and download them straight to your computer in mp3 format.
YouTube has billions of music videos but no one knows which file is copyrighted or which one can be downloaded. Our Audials MP3 music download program uses
Time shifting technology to legally record all the high quality videos. We then extract the audio portion from these music videos & convert them into mp3 file format.
All your downloads will be in mp3 format with 320 kbps audio quality. We use
Format shifting technology to legally convert all these videos to mp3 files. Altogether, we have over 10 Million audio files ready for you to download, including the 4 Million creative commons tracks in our store, plus videos, movies, TV shows, radio channels and games filtered by our software. All these files can be legally downloaded to your computer using Space shifting technology.

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I Understand What It’s Like To Be Frustrated…

There was a time when I was frustrated by slow download times and high fees when I simply wanted to download my favorite music, games and videos.
It seemed like I was paying another per track fee or monthly fees to several services that ended up costing me hundreds of dollars every month if I wanted to download many times throughout the month.
I knew there had to be a better solution!
Our online music download software is that solution… It's totally free, no monthly or per track fees!

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How Do You Want to Use the Tracks in Our Music Downloads Store?

  • Only Want to Listen to Music Online? You can listen to music directly from our online music player (which is on this page above and another 62 music genre pages on this site) without downloading the tracks to your computer - Totally Free MP3 Music Online.

  • Want to Download Free Music in mp3 format? Use the download player on any of the 62 music genre pages on this website. We have 15,000 royalty free tracks and thousands of public domain tracks on our download player - Totally Free MP3 Downloads.

  • Want to Download and Listen to Our Entire Music Library? Listen and/or download unlimited tracks (10 Million tracks directly from our Cloud servers + 12 Billion legally filtered mp3 tracks using time/space/format shifting technologies) - Download our state of the art Audials music download software. Our software perfectly formats your movie, audiobook, DVD & music files for use on your tablet, smartphone or PC.

Think about it! We don't have a per song fee or monthly subscription fee to download music from our store. It doesn't cost you a penny for 10 million free mp3 downloads from online music video sources. You'll also receive 24x7 live customer support with your download.

How is Our Music Downloads Program Different from Other Music Download Stores?

  • Free - Yes, there are other music download websites offering free music tracks. However, most of them have extra charges for burning the downloaded tracks to external storage mediums, CD/DVDs, mobile phones or to your car music player. We don't have any hidden charges or extra charges for burning your downloaded tracks. All your downloaded tracks are completely free to use forever.

  • Legal - There are only a very few legitimate free music download programs online. You'll be in trouble for violating the copyright laws if you download tracks from illegal sites. On the other hand, our Audials music download software is 100% legal as it’s designed using time shifting, space shifting and format shifting technologies. Please visit ourCopyright info page for more details.

  • Fastest - We use the world's fastest cloud servers to deliver you the fastest music downloads possible. All the background processes of time/space/format shifting will happen in seconds and your music downloads will be completed in seconds. Also, our inbuilt 'Download Accelerator' program will allow you to download multiple tracks simultaneously without affecting the download speed.

  • Number of tracks - We have over 10 Million songs for you to choose from in our store. Other than this, our Audials music download software will give you access to all the movies, videos, podcasts, TV shows and radio shows you can handle using the time/space/format shifting technologies. No other online music store offers 12 Billion music tracks.

  • Audio quality - All our mp3 tracks have 320 kbps audio quality. This is the maximum audio quality possible for any music track.

  • Viruses/Spamware - Our music download software will never install any malicious program. Also, there won't be any annoying pop-ups while you enjoy your music.

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100% Free Legal Music Downloads - No Monthly or Per Track Fees:

You can use our mp3 music software to browse the entire net and download only copyright cleared tracks. Simply type in the name of your favorite artist or title & you'll access your fully legal music tracks. You can preview all the tracks before downloading them.
Let's check iTunes and Amazon music stores. With iTunes you’re basically renting songs. Downloaded songs won't play anymore once your subscription period is over. You need to renew your subscription to play them again or purchase each single track for $1. Amazon also requires you to purchase the songs or renew the subscription to use your downloaded songs.

What happens to the tracks you download with our mp3 download software? You get the songs forever for free once you download them to your computer. Also, you can copy them to your mobile phone or burn them to CDs for free. Please make sure you're using them only for your personal use as anything other than the personal use is a violation of the fair use provision of the copyright laws.
Simply install the software to your computer and start your absolutely free music downloads right now!

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Our MP3 Music Downloads Store Includes:

You can listen to music directly from our online music player (which is on this page above and 62 music genre pages on this site) without downloading the tracks to your computer. Or, you can install Audials music download software and get unlimited free access to our entire library of music.
Other than free mp3 downloads, you can use this software to download literally thousands of videos, movies, radio programs, TV channels & games. You'll get access to over 30,000 movies and TV channels, around 1,000 Internet radio stations, and more than 1,000 PC games.

Skeptical About The Legalities of Our Free mp3 Downloads Software?

Our software is in full compliance with United States copyright law. Specifically, the Betamax Supreme Court decision, which says you can legally record live TV programs & watch later. This applies also to live online broadcasts, such as music videos or radio shows.

Using time shifting, format shifting or space shifting technology to record online files doesn’t infringe on any copyright laws as it’s considered Fair Use.

Our software is fully compliant and you can rest assured that you’re in line with U.S. copyright law.

Free MP3 Music and Video Categories:

Free MP3 Music Downloads:

* Christian/Gospel

* Country

* Dance/Techno

* Easy Listening

* Hip Hop

* Latin

* Oldies

* Other

* R&B

* Rock - Alternative

* Rock - Classic

* Rock - Pop

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Free Music Video:

* Music Video - Country

* Music Video - Hip Hop

* Music Video - Latin

* Music Video - R&B

* Music Video - Rock Alternative

* Music Video - Rock Classic

* Music Video - Rock Pop


* Sports

* TV Shows/People

Benefits of Our Free MP3 Music Downloads Program:

  • Unlimited access to 10 million free mp3 downloads
  • No fee for downloading individual tracks
  • You can download multiple tracks at the same time
  • Get songs from your favorite singers and artists
  • Full length songs and entire albums
  • HD DVD quality mp3 tracks
  • Fastest music searches
  • All your downloads will be free and legal
  • Free CD burning software with the installation
  • Compatible music format for all androids, other mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, computers and CD players
  • Fastest downloads
  • Easy to use software interface
  • No spyware, adware or viruses
  • No pop-up advertisements while listening to music
  • Easy software installation
  • Friendly 24 x 7 technical support
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

We have over 50 Million subscribers around the world. Join the millions of happy users who are currently enjoying our free mp3 downloads, movies, radio/TV channels, games and much more!

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Illegally downloading music isn’t an option if you’re looking to support the artists and producers who enrich our lives — as you should be.

As any true music lover knows, you should try to support the people who make your favorite tunes. Downloading may not be as popular as streaming music, and there are some convenient ways to stream your favorite tracks for free, such as Apple Music and Spotify. But if you don’t want to pay, streaming options beyond that are fairly limited. So, what are the best free music download sites?

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Below are a few of our favorites, so you can keep the tunes going even when your car rounds the next bend or Comcast decides to cut you off. Many of these sites are void of Billboard artists like Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar, but if you look in the right spots, you’ll find a few hits from some big names, along with scores of independent artists that should keep your ears happy and your wallet heavy.

Free Music Archive

In 2009, New Jersey-based WFMU Radio embarked on a project to make contemporary music of all genres available to the public, and the Free Music Archive was born. Since its inception, WFMU has partnered with dozens of other curators, and the site has become a veritable treasure trove of free content.

The site combines two different approaches to posting tracks: First, it indexes free music posted by all of its partner curators, and second, it allows users to post their own music directly to the archives. This synthesis of sources creates a mind-boggling library of tracks that you could literally spend months browsing through, whether you choose to do so by curator or genre. In addition, the site hosts a myriad of podcasts, and renowned radio stations such as Seattle’s KEXP frequently post live cuts from their studio sessions with big-name acts passing through. The smash tracks may lack some post-production, but they’re also free.


Not every song posted on SoundCloud is free (or good, for that matter), but both big-name and lesser-known artists often offer free downloads if you can manage to find their verified profile — though sometimes you may have to drop them a like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter for the privilege. You can browse SoundCloud by artist, genre, popularity, or latest postings; you will be surprised at how many free tracks can be found. There is also a section of the site dedicated to tracks released under Creative Commons licenses, which means you’re free to download, remix, or tweak them as much as you like.

SoundCloud essentially serves as the YouTube of music uploading, in the sense that anyone can upload their tracks before specifying whether they’re available for download or strictly for streaming purposes. Moreover, the site touts an extremely active user community and one of the sleekest user interfaces of any site on our list, one conveniently lined with a navigational bar at the top and direct access to the service’s accompanying mobile apps. Fair warning: SoundCloud’s had a bit of financial trouble recently, so you might want to visit the site soon and go on a downloading spree just in case the site goes kaput.


Big names like Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars, and Imagine Dragons all got their start on ReverbNation by sharing their music for free and building up their loyal fanbase. There is a mix of every genre on ReverbNation, but the site tends to lean toward more pop, alternative, and hip-hop than anything else. With a community of nearly 4 million artists, labels, and users, ReverbNation helps you sift through its immersive catalog with cool features like the site’s Discover app and a page that will help you find who is about to be the next big thing.


You’re probably used to using this online retailer to buy everything from the best headphones to dog food, so why not add some free music to your shopping list? Believe it or not, Amazon has a massive assortment of thousands of free tunes available via its digital music arm, letting you pick through everything from obscure indie and classical music to hits by the Foo Fighters. There are a lot of free streaming options, but classic big-name artists like Carole King also have tracks to download if you do a little digging. Checkout is quick and painless, and it works just like buying a song that costs money on Amazon, sans payment. Simply add a song to your shopping cart, check out, and the tunes are yours.


Rap lovers, rejoice! Since the mid-aughts, the hip-hop community has become a veritable breeding ground for free music, much of which comes in the form of mixtapes. Some are original compilations by artists looking to cop some shine, some feature rappers freestyling over popular instrumentals from their contemporaries, and some are just dropped by artists looking to reward their loyal fans with some free tunes — we’re looking at you, Curren$y.

DatPiff is also the only site on this list that consistently offers free music from mainstream artists — think Future and Drake — and remains the No. 1 spot for fans to download new tapes, view release schedules, and listen to fan-made compilation albums. The site even features a pop-out player so you can listen before you download, as well as a news aggregator that collects stories from sites like HipHopEarly.


There’s now a new kid on the block that’s challenging DatPiff’s domination. It’s called Audiomack, and it’s home to what’s fast been branded the best collection of hip-hop, rap and trap — comprising of everything from smash hits from heavyweights like Kodak Black to viral tracks from emerging artists like NBA YoungBoy. As of late, however, a lot of creators have decided to disable downloads, instead opting to utilizing the service’s streaming feature; although rest assured, there is still a large amount of downloadable material on there, including some mixtapes by Migos, Playboi Carti, and Rich The Kid.

Live Music Archive is essentially a partnership between Internet Archive and, a community dedicated to providing high-quality, lossless versions of live concerts. You can think of it as a bootlegger’s paradise given the site’s sheer abundance of concert material, much of which focuses on jam bands such as the Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident, and Sound Tribe Sector 9. Still, there are a host of other bands to choose from — The Smashing Pumpkins, Jack Johnson, Animal Collective, etc. — along with plenty of genres to browse, ranging from jazz to reggae.

Navigation is a bit of a chore due to the overwhelming wealth of content, but there are ways to filter the results by title, publish date, or original creator. Once you find a particular show, you can often stream or download the individual tracks as a FLAC or MP3, allowing you to play the tracks in your media player of choice. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t ensure a quality performance — so we’d recommend previewing anything that sounds like it could tickle your fancy using Live Music Archive’s web player before taking the plunge and downloading it for local playback.


With hundreds of thousands of tracks from thousands of artists, Jamendo is easily one of the biggest repositories of free music on the web. You won’t find all of your favorite artists here, but the site’s streamlined user interface makes it great for browsing and finding talented new musicians. Instead of browsing by genre, you peruse tracks by popularity, most downloaded, most played, or latest release. Popularity is based on user ratings, so despite the massive number of tracks on the site, you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching before you find stuff that pleases your ears. To be sure, the site’s penchant for lesser-known artists and experimental tracks makes it more suited for someone looking for something new rather than specific artists.


NoiseTrade is one part free music site, one part promotion platform. You can download any individual track or album an independent artist uploads to the site if, in turn, you generously supply them with your email address and postal code. The freemium promotion platform also encourages you to spread the word about artists you like via Facebook and Twitter while giving you the option to quickly tip the artist a suggested $4 donation.

The site’s user interface is also remarkably clean and simple, allowing you to effortlessly search or browse artists within a visual hub loaded with recommendations and complimentary mixtapes that cover a wide swath of genres, musicians, and forthcoming events. Furthermore, the site often boasts exclusive samplers and releases from artists before they premiere elsewhere, along with corresponding links that connect you with artists’ social-media pages and management. Some of our favorite albums being offered last time we checked? Wild Ones’ Keep it Safeand John Prine’s Live in Asheville ’86.


If you’re a fan of classical music, finding free downloads is easy — after all, most classical compositions and many performances have long been in the public domain. Musopen, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and accessibility of classical music, hosts an impressive library of compositions without any copyright restrictions. Users can browse by composer or performer, or filter results based on the time period and instrument. Whether you enjoy the complex arrangements of the Baroque period or the fierce passion of the Romantics, Musopen probably has what you’re looking for.

The selections are available for streaming or downloading — some even in high resolution — and the site offers a copious amount of helpful background info for your perusal. If you’re curious what a rondo is or what defined Chopin’s style, you can learn all that here. Musicians may also be delighted to learn that the site provides sheet music, so if you find yourself falling in love with a particular piece, you can follow along or even learn to play it.

When was initially created in 2002, it functioned as an internet radio station in a similar fashion to Pandora and iHeartRadio. In 2005, however, the site adopted Audioscrobbler, a music-recommendation system that collects data from dozens of media players and music-streaming websites to craft individual user profiles that reflect their musical taste and listening habits. has now “scrobbled” info from nearly 100 billion plays, which total more than 7 million years’ worth of listening.

Unbeknownst to many users, though, is the site’s repository of free music. It’s accessible via the “Free Music Downloads” link at the bottom of the page — or here — and offers a fairly diverse library of free music, ranging from Sufjan Stevens to The Glitch Mob. It’s eclectic, if limited, and totally free.

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