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Why does the German version of the Casio fx-991EX, the fx-991DE X, have more functions than the US version?

Right now I have an fx-115ES Plus, and I was hoping to upgrade to the prettier and faster CLASSWIZ (fx-991EX). However, it seemed to be missing some functions compared to the older fx-115ES PLUS and also the German version of the fx-991EX (fx-991DEX) such as the ability to do a product in capital pi notation.

Here's the US version of the fx-991EX. (Source: Casio)

Here's the German version, the fx-991DEX. (Smaller Casio source)

If you look at all three calculators side-by-side, it's easy to see many of the functions missing from the US version compared not only to the German version, but also to the older fx-115ES Plus. Free dr fone registration code.

To confirm this, Casio's technical specs sheet for the fx-115EX states that it has but 552 functions, while Casio's list of specs on the product page for the fx-115DEX shows that it has 696 functions.

That's a HUGE difference in functionality! The US version has 144 fewer functions than the German version. That's like taking the German version and chopping off just over one fifth of its functionality for the US.

It looks like there's a similar disparity between the Chinese and Japanese versions of the calculator.

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It makes no sense that Casio would do this to the US version, especially since an older US Casio calculator, the fx-115ES Plus, has much of the very basic functionality that's lacking in the newer ClassWiz scientific calculator.

Do any of you know if there are plans to fix this issue or why the issue exists in the first place? Also, is it possible to work around the issue by getting the German ClassWiz and changing the language to English?

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