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Safari Magazine Gujarati Rating: 4,2/5 4268 reviews
EditorNagendra Vijay
CategoriesGeneral Knowledge
PublisherNagendra Vijay
First issue1 August 1980
CompanyHarshal Publication

Safari is a monthlyGujaratipopular science and general knowledgemagazine published by Harshal Publications, Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India. It is edited and published by Nagendra Vijay.[1] It is also known for its various activities to make science popular in the new generation of Gujarat.[2]


Safari magazine was first published on 1 August 1980 by Nagendra Vijay. It was the first magazine of its kind in Gujarat. After its sixth issue, its publishing was closed. It was relaunched in July 1986. Again, after tenth issue, its publishing was closed. Finally, in May 1992, the magazine was relaunched again, and since then, it has continued.[3]


Apart from popular science articles, the magazine also contains articles on history, current affairs, hobbies and defense matters. It is a very popular magazine among young children, students as well as elders. The tagline of the magazine reads 'બુદ્ધિશાળી વાચકો માટે નું મેગેઝીન' meaning 'A magazine for intelligent readers' in Gujarati. History is featured under the title 'એક વખત એવું બન્યું ' (Once upon a time). The magazine features puzzles ranging from easy to difficult, quiz, quick facts(titled in magazine as fact-finder and Super-quiz) as well as jokes. It also updates the knowledge of readers by the Section 'નવું સંશોધન' means 'New Research'. It is considered as one of the best magazines in Gujarati language, in terms of popularity and quality of content.

English Edition[edit]

Safari launched its English edition in 2008 which is available in most parts of India.[4] The English edition completed 50 issues in April, 2012. The English edition also has a regular section named 'Megapixel', containing high resolution pictures. The English edition was stopped in January 2015 (Issue 83) as the publication was financially not viable.

Other publications[edit]

There are also some other publications by the owners, which include: Indo-Pak war of 1971, Famous stories of World War I and World War II, Safari Jokes, Secret missions of Mosad, Cosmos, Amazing Science, Nature and Animals, Once upon a time.., Jindagi Jindagi, Super Quiz and Mathemagic. Safari has also launched a Braille edition of the magazine. Safari also owns a publishing house named 'Uranus Books' which publishes famous stories by Vijaygupta Maurya.


The owners of the magazine have launched Nagendra Vijay Science Foundation in December 2004 — a non-profit organization working for make science popular in Gujarat.


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