Evga Graphics Card Serial Number

Posted : admin On 4/28/2019
Evga Graphics Card Serial Number Rating: 4,9/5 3537 reviews
Review for: 1060 SC Gaming ACX 2.0 Single Fan 6GB
If you are as curious as I was to what the difference of single vs twin fan cards are, I found the simple answer browsing some PC build forums.
Basically, a lot of it boils down to looks, and the rest is how far you can overclock past stock.
-PC enthusiasts love beefy, expensive looking cards and equipment to fill out their towers, and twin cards deliver with their bigger case, lights, and backplate. Single fans don't have any of that, but are cheaper as a result.
-Single fan cards also don't stand up to overclocking as much as twin fans because of heat dissipation. That's not to say single fans aren't adequate out of the box. If you don't plan on overclocking, a single fan is just fine and will never overheat. Theme from cheers lyrics titus. Running at full power on max settings playing OW makes the GPU top out at 72C. If you'd like you can also alter the fan speed settings within the Bios to keep the GPU cooler or quieter.
You really don't need a twin fan model, or really anything above a 1060 if you're a basic gamer that doesn't care about looks and just wants a high performance card you don't plan on messing with. I'm playing on a 144mhz monitor and get 160FPS playing Overwatch on Ultra, and about 100 on Epic. TF2 is beyond easy to play at max and Subnautica looks absolutely beautiful on topped out graphics with no stuttering. My tower is in a somewhat confined space as well and the card has never overheated even in 5+ hours of non-stop gaming.
Nonton streaming running man. UPDATE: I downloaded the 'Precision X' Bios from EVGA and updated the card. It's now faster then ever. Even on stock tune and no overclocking the card is now peaking at 2012mhz, WAY higher than advertised and higher than any stock clocked 1060 on the market. I'm loving this card more every day.