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Posted : admin On 5/25/2019
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What is ArtCAM Pro?

ArtCAM Pro is a program that lets users create or import designs for the purpose of rendering them into 3D blueprints for computer-aided manufacture (CAM). Thus, for example, the ArtCAM Pro user may begin with a scan of a sketch for a design he wants to have minted on a coin, then use ArtCAM Pro shape that into a 3D design for the purpose of actual production, and finally send the finished 3D plan to a suitable CAM device or a 3D printing machine so that a prototype of the coin can be created.
The software has both 2D and 3D design tools, so users do not actually have to begin with base drawings or images made with other programs or media. The modeling process (the transformation of image designs into CAM-ready 3D designs) is carried out through a novel layer management scheme. It has 3D rendering tools for previewing designs, special utilities for embossing and other mint-related styles, a tool for sculpting 3D profiles out of facial profile images, specialized texture tools, and support for hundreds of manufacturing machines. It is also exclusively for Windows computers.

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File types supported by ArtCAM Pro

Our users primarily use ArtCAM Pro to open these file types:

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