Tom And Jerry Complete Collection

Posted : admin On 4/24/2019
Tom And Jerry Complete Collection Rating: 4,1/5 7996 reviews

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The first of two volumes of MGM'sTom & Jerry cartoons from the early 1940's thru the mid-1950's, this double-DVD set -- which is simply titled 'The Spotlight Collection' with no volume number attached, but was followed by a second volume labeled as such -- has just about everything that the casual fan might want in the way of the cartoon duo's antics. The film-to-video transfers are excellent, displaying a clarity that makes the opening credits on even the earliest titles seem almost like they're in 3-D. Most of these cartoons look extraordinary, in the depth and richness of their color and their detail, whether they're the 1940's and early '50's 'academy ratio' (i.e. full-screen, 1.33-to-1) releases or the mid-1950's CinemaScope (2.55-to-1, 2.35-to-1) widescreen cartoons. And if the visual treats aren't enough, there's a ton of special features tacked on that, for once, are almost as entertaining as the cartoons themselves. Tai garena 2.0. This includes some very engaging commentary tracks by writer/historian Jerry Beck on three of the best cartoons -- ones that define the different aspect of the appeal of Tom & Jerry -- plus a well-detailed (and very entertaining) documentary on how Tom & Jerry-creators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera came to MGM and also came to be working together, and how various highlights of the animated shorts came about. That same documentary gets us into a highly illuminating story of the evolution and presentation of the first Tom & Jerry cartoon to win an Academy Award, Cat ConcertoSeriale coreene asia fan info. , and some unexpected competition that came from Warner Bros. in that same year. There's also a documentary tribute to the MGM Studio Orchestra and its role in the Tom & Jerry cartoons, and the work of music director Scott Bradley (he wasn't quite Warner Bros.' Carl Stalling, but he had his own impressive and distinctive creative flourishes); and we get clips from MGM feature films of Jerry the Mouse dancing with Gene Kelly and Tom and Jerry dancing with Esther Williams. Each disc opens automatically to a simple, easy-to-use menu that offers quick access to the special features -- which are spread among the two discs -- and the full range of cartoons, in addition to having a 'play all' feature. And it's all great fun as well as being highly informative.