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Rambo 4 Full Movie English Rating: 5,0/5 6088 reviews
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Release Dates

Kuwait23 January 2008
Bulgaria24 January 2008
Greece24 January 2008
Croatia24 January 2008
Israel24 January 2008
Russia24 January 2008
USA24 January 2008 (Las Vegas, Nevada) (premiere)
Canada25 January 2008
Indonesia25 January 2008
Norway25 January 2008
Philippines25 January 2008
Romania25 January 2008
Singapore25 January 2008
USA25 January 2008
Spain28 January 2008 (Madrid) (premiere)
Oman30 January 2008
Estonia1 February 2008
Spain1 February 2008
Turkey1 February 2008
France4 February 2008 (Paris) (premiere)
Belgium6 February 2008
Egypt6 February 2008
France6 February 2008
Hungary7 February 2008
Portugal7 February 2008
Iceland8 February 2008
Italy8 February 2008 (Rome) (premiere)
UK12 February 2008 (London) (premiere)
Germany14 February 2008
Georgia14 February 2008 (Tbilisi)
Austria15 February 2008
Mexico15 February 2008
Argentina21 February 2008
Australia21 February 2008
Switzerland21 February 2008 (German speaking region)
Czech Republic21 February 2008
Finland21 February 2008 (limited)
Netherlands21 February 2008
Peru21 February 2008
Finland22 February 2008
UK22 February 2008
Ireland22 February 2008
Italy22 February 2008
Panama22 February 2008
Taiwan22 February 2008
South Korea28 February 2008
New Zealand28 February 2008
Brazil29 February 2008
Denmark29 February 2008
Poland7 March 2008
Sweden7 March 2008
Venezuela7 March 2008
Thailand13 March 2008
Uruguay14 March 2008
Chile3 April 2008
Slovakia3 April 2008
Hong Kong10 April 2008
Colombia11 April 2008
Vietnam11 April 2008
Lithuania25 April 2008
Japan8 May 2008 (Tokyo) (premiere)
Japan24 May 2008
Pakistan1 October 2008
Italy12 September 2009 (director's cut) (Venice Film Festival)

Also Known As (AKA)

(original title)Rambo
ArgentinaRambo - Regreso al infierno
Belgium (French title)John Rambo
Brazil (alternative title)Rambo
BrazilRambo IV
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title)Рамбо
Canada (French title)Rambo
CroatiaJohn Rambo
Czech RepublicRambo: Do pekla a zpet
FranceJohn Rambo
GeorgiaRambo 4
GermanyJohn Rambo
GreeceΤζον Ράμπο
HungaryJohn Rambo
India (English title)Rambo 4
ItalyJohn Rambo
JapanRambô: Saigo no senjô
LithuaniaRembo IV
MexicoRambo 4: Regreso al Infierno
NorwayJohn Rambo
PeruRambo: Regreso al infierno
PolandJohn Rambo
PortugalJohn Rambo
RomaniaRambo IV
RussiaРэмбо IV
Singapore (English title)Rambo 4
Singapore (English title)Rambo 4: John Rambo
SlovakiaRambo: Do pekla a naspat
SpainJohn Rambo
Switzerland (English title)John Rambo
Turkey (Turkish title)John Rambo
UkraineРембо IV
USA (working title)Rambo IV: End of Peace
USA (working title)Rambo IV: In the Serpent's Eye
USA (working title)Rambo IV: Pearl of the Cobra
USA (working title)Rambo IV
USA (working title)Rambo: To Hell and Back
USA (working title)John Rambo
USA (fake working title)Rambo: First Blood Part IV
UruguayRambo: Regreso al infierno