Pop Tart Expiration Code

Posted : admin On 5/19/2019
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Food safety is an important issue so many manufacturers label products with expiration dates. Expiration dates, in the past, were often in a code, but now they are easier for consumers to read. Checking expiration dates reassures customers the products they are buying are fresh and safe for consumption.

How to Read Expiration Codes on Soft Drinks

Look for a code stamped on the soft drink bottle or can. It will be not be part of the printed label design. Game serial key generator. It will probably be small and a little bit hard to find.

The month will be written in three capital letters.Look for the first three letters of each month. Best books on astrology. January will be JAN and February will be FEB, March will be MAR, and so forth through the rest of the months of the year.

Look for the four digits following the month code. The first two will be the day of the month while the last two stand for the year.


  • According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service product dating is not usually required by Federal law.

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